Gift Planning

Meet the Chair of Metcalf Society

Celebrating the Power of Philanthropy

Metcalf Society Chair Jutta-Annette Page MAE 86 is excited to introduce others to the benefits of planned giving. 

Charlottesville, Virginia, resident Jutta-Annette Page recently retired as the founding director of the Barry Art Museum at Old Dominion University, yet her time at RISD still resonates. “While the two years I spent at RISD seemed just a blip on my long educational and career path, it was the most formative experience of my professional life,” she says. “I am deeply grateful to RISD faculty and staff for their supportive educational vision and advocacy, focusing on the developmental growth of creative individuals in a changing society.”

After completing her undergraduate degree in her native Germany, she studied jewelry design with acclaimed American jewelry designer Arline Fisch. At the suggestion of Fisch, Page applied to RISD and was accepted into the Jewelry and Light Metals graduate degree program. Her interests evolved towards art history and research, so she decided to pursue a master of art education instead. “Then and now, RISD aims to educate problem solvers,” reflects Page. “It has impressive new programs and resources encouraging students to think critically and expand their ‘toolbox’ without pandering to professional fads.” 

Her connection to RISD remains so strong that she decided to endow a student scholarship fund through a bequest. The fund will provide financial aid to students, with a preference for international students. “Doing this has given me peace of mind. I have the assurance that my funds will be allocated as intended and help secure RISD’s future,” she says. “As a former foreign student at RISD, I benefited greatly from the enriched student life that such cultural exchanges offer.”

She admires what she considers the American phenomenon of strong personal philanthropy. “Giving back and paying forward are both a privilege and an obligation. The arts are notoriously underfunded, although their value and importance to society has been demonstrated time and again. Supporting RISD ensures the continuation of unique educational opportunities for future generations of art students,” says Page.

Page chairs the Jesse + Helen Rowe Metcalf Society, which recognizes RISD’s planned giving donors and is named for two of RISD’s founders. “I am deeply honored to have been offered this role. I found during my career that artists are the most generous individuals relative to income. While many are not in the position to offer substantial funds, they offer their time, talent, and professional connections that are invaluable to institutions. Planned giving’s appeal is its accessibility to everyone, regardless of income, and I am looking forward to connecting more in-depth with the extended RISD alumni community and expanding its alumni support networks.”


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